Aliceen cinema - 6. What is the character of Alice from "Wonderland"?

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To begin, let's try to describe the heroine's home environment. Amazingly, in the text of Carroll there is not a single line about Alice's parents. But the heroine constantly remembers her cat Dina and misses her very much.

We also learn that Alice has an older sister and an older brother. The latter is mentioned indirectly in the scene of the meeting with the Mouse:

“Alice believed that this was the way to address mice. She had no experience, but she remembered a Latin grammar textbook belonging to her brother. ”

In the book “Through the Looking Glass” two more people from Alice’s home environment are mentioned - an elderly nanny (ch. 1) and a governess teaching lessons (ch. 3). In addition, from a conversation with the Turtle, we learn that Alice attended a "day school." All this testifies to the fact that in front of us is a girl from a wealthy family, receiving a good education and familiar with etiquette - with all these curtsies and crocodiles.

Judging by the text, Alice can swim, play croquet and, possibly, chess (at least she has ideas about figures).

With regard to assessing the nature of Alice, it would seem that it could be easier - because Carroll himself described it in the article "Alice on the stage" ("The Theater", April, 1887):

“What was you, Alice, in the eyes of your adoptive father? How should he describe you? Loving above all; loving and tender - loving, like a dog (forgive me for a prosaic comparison, but I do not know any other love that would be as pure and beautiful), and tender, like a deer; and then courteous — courteous to all, tall, low, kind, majestic or ridiculous, to the King or the Caterpillar, as if she herself was the royal daughter, and the dress on her was pure gold; and still trusting, ready to accept the most incredible with the conviction that only dreamers are familiar with; and finally, to the inquisitive - inquisitive to the extreme, with that taste for Life, which is accessible only to a happy childhood, when everything is new and good, and Sin and Sadness are just words — empty words that mean nothing! ”

Everything spoils the unnecessarily sentimental and pathetic tone of the author, who was present in the fairy tale only grains. About how Alice was "loving and gentle", I can not judge. At least, judging by the text, in this respect she is not much different from the usual “girl” cliche. As I wrote, neither parents nor sister, she does not even remember during her travels.

Particularly trusting Alice, too, can not be called. Moreover, this is an extremely sensible for her seven years old girl who never takes on faith all that nonsense carried by other literary characters. She - an island of common sense in a sea of ​​madness, ready to defend this common sense to the end.

- Anyway, you only dream about him. You're not real!
- No, real! - Alice shouted and burst into tears.
“You can't help the cause with tears,” said Tralyalya. - What is there to cry?
“If I weren’t real, I wouldn’t cry,” said Alice, smiling through tears: it was all so stupid.

We see how Alice constantly reflects on what she sees, tries to analyze everything - even if her logic is sometimes naive and erroneous. It is not without reason that she constantly leads with herself extensive internal dialogues and even argues.

“She always gave herself good advice, even though she rarely followed them. Sometimes she scolded herself so mercilessly that her eyes filled with tears. And once she even tried to slap her cheeks for cheating by playing the croquet party alone. This silly girl loved to pretend to be two different girls at once. ”

Like any normal child, Alice is extremely sociable - nothing drives her into such a gloom as loneliness. She persistently tries to engage in conversation with all the fairy-tale characters who have met, and even for the time being endures their rudeness and arrogance. Alice tries her best to be polite, but she also does not allow herself to sit on her head. She is not so good as a girl at all. Alice can be naughty, stubborn, daring, arrogant.

“... once she scared her old nurse to death screaming into her ear:“ Nanny, let's play like I'm a hungry hyena, and you're a bone! ”

“Oh, that's it! - Alice said to herself. - So, Bill has to climb? ... I would never have agreed to be in his place. The fireplace here, of course, is small, especially you will not swing, but still I will be able to kick it! ”

- Why did you sit down without an invitation? - replied the March Hare. - This is also impolite!
“I didn't know that this table was just for you,” said Alice. - There are more devices here.

- And who are they? - asked the Queen, - pointing to the gardeners who fell down around the bush ...
“How should I know,” answered Alice, surprised at her courage. - It does not concern me.

"The Black Queen looked frowningly and said:
- Meet! Pudding, this is Alice. Alice, this is Pudding. Take the pudding away!
And the servants immediately grabbed the pudding off the table, so Alice did not even have time to bow to him.
“But why is this the one Black Queen here in charge?” - she thought, and deciding to see what happens, shouted:
- Servants! Bring Pudding! ”

At the same time, she is always ready to help those who are in trouble, to comfort the suffering and stand up for the weak and offended.

- All clear! - said the Queen, who in the meantime carefully looked at the roses. - Cut off their heads!
... Unhappy gardeners rushed to Alice for help.
“Do not be afraid,” said Alice. - I will not offend you.

“If I don't take the baby with me,” thought Alice, “they will finish him off in a day or two. Leaving him here is just a crime! ”

- Not! - said the Queen. - Let them pass the sentence! And he is guilty or not - then we shall understand!
- Nonsense! - Alice said loudly. - As soon as it comes to mind!
- Shut up! - shouted the Queen, livid.
“And I won't think about it,” answered Alice.
- Cut her head! - shouted the Queen in a loud voice.
Nobody moved.
- Who are you scared? - said Alice. (She has already grown to her usual height.) - You are just a deck of cards!

Personally, it seems to me that the most important traits of Alice's character are the irrepressible imagination and pathological curiosity. It is the imagination that gives her (as well as her creator) a pass to the bizarre worlds, that drop of necessary “madness” that the Cheshire Cat spoke about ("We are all out of our mind here - both you and I. ... Otherwise, how would you be here"). And curiosity always overcomes fear and caution.

Yes, Alice often cries when she finds herself alone or in a difficult situation, but she almost never dreams of returning home. In this regard, the inner monologue of the heroine in the “moment of weakness” is especially significant when she was stuck in the Rabbit's house:

“How nice it was at home! thought poor Alice. - There I have always been the same height! And some mice and rabbits were not a decree to me. Why did I just climb into this rabbit mink! And yet ... yet ... Such a life I like - everything here is so unusual! I wonder what happened to me? When I read fairy tales, I firmly knew that this does not happen in the world! And now I got into them myself! I need to write a book about me, a big, good book. ”

Well, well ... We have already talked about the book “Alice in Wonderland”, and next time we will talk about films.

To be continued…

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