What do we know about the author of the IQ test?

He was born into an acting family on March 4, 1916. His father was a “star” of comedy films, and his mother liked more silent films, in any case, in it the audience could appreciate her beauty, not the depth of thought.

From a young age, Hans was very fond of "traditional" German gymnastics, and by the age of 18 he turned into a real athlete: a slanting sazhen in the shoulders, and his fingers were so strong that he could straighten the horseshoes.

However, the life of a young man could end immediately after the Führer came to power.
One day, their whole school ran to listen to Hitler's next performance. Most of the guys and girls listened to the leader with open mouths, and Hans threw only a short-contempt: "Clown." And right next to him, the head of the class “drew himself”: “Is that you about Hitler?”. “Who else about?” Aysenk grinned. “This is not a gift for you! - promised the elder.

Hans was waylaid on the same day in the schoolyard. But two, three, or even dozens of people who wanted to “lather the neck” on the best school tennis player turned out to be clearly not enough. At least two dozen guys piled on Aysenk. Half an hour later, his face began to resemble an old punching bag with many dents from exact punches. But spitting blood through broken teeth, Hans only smiled: “Okay, guys, life doesn't end on today ...”

The very next day, the guy was catching his yesterday's offenders and beat, beat, beat. The number of fingals on that day exceeded two dozen. But Ayzenk did not break anyone’s jaws, this is already a criminal case. The scandal was managed to hush up with great difficulty: his stepfather, a famous director, engaged all his connections ...

Six months later, young Hans easily entered the University of Berlin, the Faculty of Philosophy. But very soon he was beheld with hints that it would be nice to join the SS, with his physique and light head a quick career would be ensured ...

But life decreed otherwise. His stepfather, who was Jewish, began to look askance. And even more, the insolent youngsters demanded that he leave Great Germany within 24 hours. Hans sought out the thugs and even, as usual, smashed their noses. But he was summoned to the police for interrogation, and he understood that porridge could not be cooked with these guys, they still do that.

So the family was first in France, then in England, where Eysenck suddenly decided from a philosopher to retrain as a natural scientist. So he got into psychology. And he graduated from the course not only with a red diploma, but also with a firm conviction that now he will definitely take God by the beard - the professorship did not get tired to admire a talented student, recognizing, however, that he lacked a little knowledge, but the language was suspended so that you can safely cling loaded dump truck - endure!

Where did the young psychologist go? Naturally, to his homeland, to prove to those who hounded him earlier that they are compared to him, like frogs against a bull. But at that time Germany was seething: someone accepted national socialist ideas, others denied them, the country was captured, on the one hand, talks about the Aryan and non-Aryan nations, mysticism, on the other - a wave of terror against their own people.
Oddly enough, Aysenck felt in this bucha, as if he was at ease. He liked when visitors of a student club or public society listened to open his mouth to talk about what intelligence is and what it is eaten with, they believed that a cleverly composed horoscope could avert any trouble, that it was enough to measure the skull and immediately become obvious how talented a person is and how many steps he takes to become a millionaire.

Hans basked in these rays of universal adoration and, as always, went too far. He "dashed off" horoscopes of almost the entire top of fascist Germany and sent them to their destination. From these "tables of fate" it turned out that the country was walking a little in the wrong place. But all attempts by Eysenck to “correct” the course of history ended in failure. And even the individual astrological charts on Goebbels and Himmler, where he directly indicated the Reich bonzes, that they would have a terrible end if they did not abandon the policy of violence, did not change anything. On the contrary, the “Thunderbird of the Nation” hinted transparently: either you leave or you end up in one of the concentration camps.
Unfulfilled prophet was forced to go to England, where in 1940 he became a doctor of philosophy.

And then for many years his idea of ​​fix becomes the possibility of measuring intelligence. At the initial stage of his search, Aysenk was firmly convinced that the level of intelligence can be measured using a conventional thermometer. That is why, in his lectures, the young professor dragged many of these measuring instruments. Soon, the eccentric scientist was called nothing more than a "man-thermometer."

With the beginning of the war, Hans said that he wanted to become a pilot. But in the Air Force, as a representative of the enemy nation, they did not take him, but he was sent to the hospital, where he helped the wounded soldiers recover their psychological health. And after the war, he remained at the same place, gathering observations and making numerous experiments. And he got up on the fact that he fiercely hated Sigmund Freud and tried to smash any of his scientific premises.

What are IQ tests? This is a synthesis of many tests that have been proposed by various European psychotherapists. In particular, the Frenchman Binet, even before Hans was born - in 1904. It is his ideas that underlie what the "king of intellect" proposed. But this candy obviously lacked a beautiful wrapper. This is what Aysenk invented, calling the coefficient IQ. And then everything was done by advertising. Well, how not to buy into a bright call: “Do you want to prove that your intellect is higher than that of your neighbor?”

It was “lucky” for the professor that his seeds lay on fertile soil in the USA, where they very quickly became obsessed with the idea of ​​measuring intelligence. True, there were cases when Eyzenk was naturally beaten up in the face, for example, in one of American universities, where he seriously tried to prove that IQs of blacks are 15% lower than those of whites, and all this is “provided” at the genetic level ...

The result of the life of Hans Jürgen Aysenk - more than 80 books and thousands of articles, two marriages, four sons and a daughter. And most importantly - the ability to compare your intelligence with the neighbor. Yes, is it the case in its size? If only the person was good ...

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