What flower will make you happy in winter?

Recently, I learned that in Sweden, doctors recommend to their patients to go for a medicine not to the pharmacy, but to the flower shop. Why? I think you guessed it. Flowers with their brightness and delicate aroma have a positive effect on the inner state of a person, in other words - they give a positive to others. But only in good spirits can you create and achieve good results. Therefore, the advice is one: start by going to the flower shop and buy a few pots of potted plants that bloom at different times so that you can always enjoy their beauty.

In the summer there is no shortage of flowers, as they can be seen in parks and just in flowerbeds. But in the winter with this there are small problems. Flowers can only be seen in the flower shop, in the winter garden or at home on the windowsill. In order for your home to always be beautiful and fresh flowers create comfort and good mood in your home, you should know about the period in which different flowers bloom. For example, it is winter now - cyclamen, guzmania, azalea, Decembrist, etc. are blooming. We will now talk about azaleas.

Azalea is considered the most beautiful among green plants. This is an evergreen shrub, which is covered with large bright flowers of various colors. Most often they prefer to grow azalea Japanese or Indian. It is believed that these flowers support the energy of cheerfulness and cheerfulness in the house. Bioastrologists believe that this plant contains a lot of solar energy, and therefore it is especially recommended for those who find it difficult to wake up in the morning. If you want to always feel vigorous, cheerful, full of strength and energy, put a pot of azaleas at home. She will please you with her lively beauty and give a little sun, because it is so lacking in winter.

Indian azalea
This is a polyhybrid species that has more than 1000 varieties. Varieties can be early flowering (RC) - bloom in October, November; medium late (SP) - bloom in November, December, January; late (P) - bloom in February and March. Flowers can be monophonic and multi-colored. For example, if you prefer plants with white flowers, then you should pay attention to the following varieties: “Weisse Chemé” is a medium-grown plant with semi-double flowers about 8 cm in diameter; "Niobe" - tall plant with double flowers with a diameter of 8−9 cm; "Tukuma pearl" - sredneroloy plant with double flowers and corrugated petals with a diameter of 8 cm.
If you prefer red flowers, it is best to buy varieties: "Ambrosiana" - tall plant with double flowers of dark red color with a diameter of 8.5 cm; "Eggebrehti" - a short-growing plant with bright red-pink non-double flowers with a diameter of 8 cm; "Apollo" - sredneroloy plant with semi-double flowers of brick-red color with a diameter of 8 cm, with wavy petals around the edge.
If you like plants with pink flowers: Aldis Ieva is a medium-sized plant with double flowers 8 cm in diameter; "Max Sheme" - medium-sized plant with semi-double flowers of salmon color with a diameter of 9-9.5 cm, strongly wavy at the edges.
If you want your house to be decorated with lilac or lilac flowers, you need to pay attention to the following varieties: “Kiev Waltz” is a medium-sized plant with non-double lilac flowers with a diameter of 10 cm; "Suzirya" is a tall plant with lilac semi-double flowers with a diameter of 7 cm.

Japanese Azalea
This plant has smaller flowers than Indian azalea, which have a softer color gamut. The Japanese azalea has pastel-colored flowers and there are much more of them than the Indian azalea.

How to care for azalea, so that it longer pleases you with its beauty?
1. Watch out for moisture. These plants are moisture-loving, and therefore need abundant watering. Do not forget to spray the flowers.
2. Monitor the temperature. Azalea needs medium-high temperatures in summer. In winter, he feels best at 13 degrees C. The Japanese azalea likes the cold, so instead of watering, it is recommended to overlay the plant with pieces of ice. As a result, the flowers will always be fresh.
3. Since this is a light-loving plant, put it closer to the window, but avoid direct sunlight.
4. Select the right soil. Azalea prefers acidic soil, peat. It is better to choose the earth mixture, which contains needles, iron. Do not forget about mineral fertilizers.

New Years is soon! If you still do not know what to give, you can give a blooming azalea. For example, in Germany, azalea is a gift flower. Azalea is not very capricious plant in terms of the fact that it can be transferred from one place to another. Having migrated to another place, she will feel good. Many use it and in the New Year decorate this wonderful flower with a festive table. Good mood on New Year's Eve ensured!

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