What is the year of the Goat?

For example, in the winter of 1955, a decree was signed on the termination of the state of war between the Soviet Union and Germany, which officially ended World War II, the construction of the Baikonur cosmodrome began in the spring, and at the end of the year the observatory settlement, Peaceful, was organized.

1895 - also the Wooden Goat - was marked by the presentation of the radio, the first cinema show and the first landing of a man in Antarctica. Note that, in accordance with the prediction of predictors, in 2015 we should expect scientists to master solar energy and floods.

The goat is traditionally a feminine sign, so all women will be presented next year. In the year of the Goat, as a rule, a rich harvest, good weather, and healthy babies are born, moreover, the chance of having twins is slightly increased.

Those who will be able to tame and appease the goat, we should expect profits in their own business and strengthen family relationships. In order not to fall into disfavor with the symbol of the year, avoid betrayal and lies, she cruelly punishes those guilty of deception. Goat in every possible way tries to settle conflicts and achieve peace at any cost.

What to wear on New Year's Eve?

On the eve of the new year, the beautiful half of humanity has a question - what to wear for the holiday? 2015 is under the auspices of the Blue Wooden Goat, and it has perfect manners, grace and elegance. Therefore, the choice of wardrobe do not leave on the last day, pay attention to every little thing to appear at the gala evening in all its brilliance. An excellent option would be to pick up something unusual and sophisticated in an extravagant style in order to demonstrate your taste and at the same time show a bright personality.

It is better to buy for the New Year's Eve something from natural and soft fabrics. Outfits made of velvet, suede, wool and cashmere are perfect. But do not wear a synthetic dress in any case, even if it suits you perfectly - leave it for another holiday.

The color scheme of the formal attire for the New Year's Eve in 2015 is quite wide, moreover, you can use not only the basic tones (blue, white, gray, taupe), but also pastel, calm and soft half tones, but avoid unnatural and intensely bright colors.

Another rule to follow is convenience. You should not experiment with outfits that fetter you, because the goat loves movement and lightness. In particular, to celebrate the New Year, you can buy an openwork blouse or a light robe, knitted of woolen threads, a long plain dress of velvet of free fit, and a light cashmere sweater. Remember, the softer and fluffier the outfit you have chosen, the greater the conformity with the owner of 2015 herself.

Men should also think about their wardrobe. Stop the choice on a suit of gray, brown or dark blue color, match the tie. Of course, you can wear jeans and a sweater, but the main rule: clothes should be neat and tidy - the shirt is pressed, the shoes are polished.

However, clean and elegant clothes from natural fabrics of natural color - this is not all. Trivia is also very important - do not forget about manicure, makeup, accessories and hair. Hairstyle with the selected image should be combined just perfectly. Moreover, even in the pre-holiday bustle, make sure that your hair is clean and neatly arranged.

The main trend that will definitely appeal to the Blue Wooden Goat is curls. No matter large curls or small curls will decorate your head. It can be various hairstyles and styling with curls. As additional decorative ornaments for hair, select wooden hairpins. In addition, the mistress of the year is not only elegant, but also extravagant, so forget about the limitations, you can safely give yourself up to flying your own imagination. Also an excellent option are the various braids, into which beautiful ribbons are woven, and neat high tails, which not only emphasize the natural beauty, but also give the image of grace.

Choose a color scheme of makeup and manicure close to natural colors, but you should not forget about more favorable tones for yourself. It is preferable to use brown, pearl, white, rich gray, blue-gray, gray-green and blue.

You can also complement your Christmas outfit with accessories featuring the symbol of the year, for example, with a brooch or a hairpin with a goat. However, when choosing jewelery, remember the sense of proportion, it is not worth being brighter than a New Year tree. Ornaments (beads, earrings, bracelets) made from natural materials, including wood, stones, and pearls, are also excellent.

And, of course, before the gala dinner do not forget to think about your plans for the next year, to set priorities in order to have time for the chiming clock to ask the Blue Wooden Goat.

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