How to determine the nature of a person, or anatomy of physiognomy

We first ask ourselves what the so-called “wide” chin means. And it means the following: first, it is a sign of a strong-willed nature, and sometimes a tendency to solve many problems by force, to suppress the opponent. Secondly, the owner of a wide chin can be sharp and rough. And if he also has a big head, then his character, most likely, is not devoid of features of stubbornness and persistence.

People with a “square” chin are quite mercantile and often fixated on material problems. Outstanding cheekbones in combination with a square chin indicate the rebellion of nature, rebelliousness, determination, masculinity.

If watching yourself in the mirror, you finally finally noticed that you have a “rounded” chin - rejoice, because usually it happens to people who are sensitive and sensible.

But if you have discovered the so-called “sharp” chin, then this is an excellent reason to urgently go into business, since this chin quite unmistakably speaks of cunning and ability to entrepreneurship.

An outstanding person can be recognized by an “outstanding” chin. This is not the sophisticated science of physiognomy. A person with such a chin can be described as a strong-willed and self-confident nature. This, by the way, is also manifested in behavior: if a person demonstrates confidence and decisiveness, he usually “pushes” his chin, “pulls him up”.

Well, and finally, we hasten to please the owners of the so-called "forked" chin. In men, this is an indicator of passionate nature; it’s not for nothing that such men are very popular with women.

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