How to take care of the soul? Good deed from the point of view of greed.

Try to make your habit any daily business that can please others. It can be a phone call, a note, or just any sign of attention. You will see that such seemingly small things can work wonders, including with your finances.
For example, a friend, delighted with your unexpected call, can easily be deeply moved and, to his great surprise, invite you to lunch. A neighbor on the landing, from which you say hello for the first time in many years, will treat you to a freshly baked pie with cabbage. Isn't that great? And what a savings!

Now from the tricks of rational charity we move on to the tricks of rational spending. All you have to do is learn such a simple idea that when you get paid for your work, you give away some of your life energy in exchange for the money you earn. Thus, when you pay money for something, you spend a part of your life.

If you present the case in this way, then you will almost certainly begin to manage the money more wisely. Be sure to ask yourself every time before making another purchase: “Is this thing worth a part of my life?” And if you say “yes” to yourself, feel free to buy. And you will receive maximum satisfaction from the purchase. If the answer is negative - you can avoid purchases that would not bring you the desired joy.

By the way, do not try to buy yourself gifts, it is better to hint to your family and friends what you would like to find under the Christmas tree this year. Let others spend their money on you and save some part of your life. The result is a double saving (of material resources and vital energy), and, in addition, you will allow someone else to understand how pleasant it is, at least once a year, not only to receive, but also to give. I hope people will appreciate it!

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