What are the tricks and how to get the benefits and entertainment from them?

In dahl type dictionaries bore none at all, but there is PEDANT: m. Pedanty fr strict, exacting, picky trifle, demanding compliance in appearance, circumference, order; heavy and stubborn follower of the once adopted, one-sided order; self-assured scientist, inappropriately demanding from every view with the same. Very sensible!

My grandmother from some Siberian village dialects still retained the definition of extreme, superlative bores, superzanudy: she called them “skip”. Subsequently, I found out that a mosquito was called a sknipa in a village in the Baikal region, and in Dahl it was defined as a louse. In any case, the image is clear: something affectionate, unpleasant, which is difficult to get rid of.

I would add some more essential details. First of all, bore is not able to highlight the main thing and distinguish it from the secondarytherefore, he finds fault with some not very decisive, unimportant moment of your utterance, seizes on some verbal inaccuracies and begins to verbosely refute, or, on the contrary, complement and develop.

Secondly, he is completely devoid of concept. relevance, context and situation. Where the topic is discussed jokingly and frivolously, he begins to develop it at the level of an academic dissertation. In polite communities, he is tolerated and yawn, and in more informal ones he can be sent, which is why he is offended: in fact he is absolutely right. That's just the truth that it is in this case, no one needs. It ends with a happy outcome only if another bore takes part in the conversation, then they lock themselves on each other and leave the rest alone.

And the most important thing, and in general, probably, the obvious is lack of sense of humoror even more globally, the inability to abstract thinking. Moreover, such people, due to their meticulousness, thoroughness and perseverance, can achieve significant success in their professional activities.

* * *
In the age of the Internet, bores are flourishing and triumphant. Why? Yes, because “in real life” a bore can be repulsed, we will not elaborate (depends on the cultural layer), and besides, in real life, you can simply avoid it: not invite, keep clear, etc. In open Internet forums and blogs This is not so simple, because the circle of communication is much wider, invitations to join the conversation, as a rule, are not required, and there is enough time to chop a long text. In addition, the ubiquitous Yandex, Google and others are on hand at the nerds.

How to recognize and identify bore? They will be there.
For example, you write a humorous text about Indian films and their sentimentality, without having to give an academic review Indian cinematography. You want to chat with pleasant interlocutors and share the fun that has overtaken you while watching. And you call this text, for example, "The fountain of tears, or What we lack in the forehead." Without worrying about whether your writing will fall into the world classics, but simply in the order of a good mood.
Most readers will understand this. Some simply read, smile and go on, some will share their funny observations, some will argue: I like sentimental films. All this is normal - you wrote for this, without foreseeing any consequences from this.

But the bore does not sleep! Rubbing his hands, he brings a flurry of indignation on you: why is the role of Raj Kapoor not reflected and where is his detailed biography? Do you know the physiology of tearing? How twice two he will prove to you that you are ignorant, because you do not understand roughly the sacral meaning of the Indian spot in your forehead (a three hundred-page brief overview of the question follows) ...

Particularly sophisticated copies, sobbing passionately, will begin to refute the thesis that sentimental films do only in India (it doesn’t matter that you didn’t write at all and didn’t mean it!) and give examples non-indian sentimental films. A true attraction will turn out if the second one comes to the same topic and says: no! India makes good films too! - why the first sophisticated will come into a frenzy and will lead another thousand arguments in defense of what sensitive films do not only in India! The second is already in full excitement will bring five pages of links about what is being done in India and unsentimental films! - and then the bullfight is already developing without the participation of the bullfighter ...

The appearance of a special cymes and decoration of the situation is fountain specialistwhich is filled with fair anger at your failure to reflect the basic principles of fountain construction and the problems of fountain construction. To understand that the word "fountain" is applied by you in a figurative sense, it is not able to.
Do not do anything, sit and wait: for your offense will repay in full opponent of fountains as a wasteful expenditure of water resources, while in arid countries there is not enough water for urgent needs. Be careful here: you need to quickly ban a couple of pique vests that will come to explain to everyone that arid countries are to blame, you should not watch Indian films, but rather conduct water. There it is also necessary to send haughty patriots, out of place agitated by the proof that WE HAVE just enough of everything in his forehead, and his constant companion with the comment “they slept first horns”. Ban, ban and ban. Political discussions should be nipped in the bud in order to avoid non-political correctness and hassle.

Especially since you have no time: you need to fight off Feng Shui Specialistwhich strictly indicates exactly where the fountain should be located and politely send the blonde asking where to get a set of movie discs ...
In general, sometimes you can get pleasure from bores. The main thing is to relax in time. Because if you do not relax, you can explode, on the fifth page of the discussion after reading the question: what is Indian films?

* * *
And in conclusion - the most important thing: how to not be a bore yourself. Here everyone, of course, stands up and puffs out his cheeks: who, me? Well, I certainly didn’t ... Oh, I did!
Yes, you, reader, you. And I. We are all sometimes bore. Here I, for example, it's time to finish the note. And urgently run to encyclopedias: prepare for claims about the Indian fountain construction. From those who did not understand that what is said here is not about films and not about fountains. Ah, why did I not take the example of something else ...

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