How to choose the right wine?

Categories of German wines According to the law, adopted in 1879, German wines are divided according to their natural richness and intensity of taste into three categories of quality: 1. Deutschertafelwein - German table wine. It must be made from grapes harvested in one of the regions of Germany; It is not obliged to pass a tasting test, but must comply with the laws on clean products and product descriptions, which are very strict.

How to use salt?

Life without salt is impossible to imagine, although some consider it a “white death”. There are many signs associated with it and superstition. Sprinkle salt - to quarrel. Put a pinch on the tongue of a newborn - to a long happy life. “By serving salt, laugh, or you will not quarrel,” the popular belief says.

How to cook dumplings?

Dumplings on a variety of toppings are not inferior to pies. It is understandable, the principle is the same - the filling is wrapped in dough. But I like to make traditional dumplings - dumplings with cottage cheese. Of course, first you need to stock up on this very cottage cheese. It is very important to choose the cottage cheese of the desired quality. One may speak about the date of manufacture, the percentage of fat content, but this does not guarantee its quality at all.

What is cappuccino?

Subsequently, the milk was whipped and a thick and sweet milk froth formed on the surface of the coffee, which did not allow the coffee to cool and erode its aromas. Such a contrast, white and sweet milk froth and black coffee like a night caused a lot of controversy in the church. Some thought that it was a peace treaty between heaven and hell, others believed that coffee was now “cleaner” and got rid of its negative “black” side.

How to learn to make pies?

I was convinced that there should be some kind of universal way to prepare dough, on which you can build many other recipes. Of course, such a recipe was found. We have been using it for many years, always with the same success. So, the main thing for baking is, of course, flour. Following my principle of universality, I can say: “Any flour will suit!

How to cook vegetarian plov?

Over the years, addictions in our family have quietly changed, approaching the norms of vegetarianism, and the dish has changed with them. In fact, there is no meat in it now, but to call it porridge also does not turn its tongue. In any case - appreciate! So, he is preparing fast enough. When cooking, you must follow at least three rules.

Does Sprite quench your thirst?

For a start, let us say that it is much easier (and even more) to drink 1.5 liters of different colored liquids during the day compared to just water. This is explained simply - I want to drink. Why did it happen? But let's see. Look closely at the label of the same "Sprite". Let's start from the end: it is written - “preservative sodium benzoate”.

What unites us, or once again about our daily bread

Alas, now many feasts began to resemble undisguised gluttony. It’s sad when half an hour after the start of the holiday most of the people got drunk and dispersed: women separately, men separately, no common interests ... There are several secrets to preserve the community of the feast. Let's return to the beginning of the celebration.

How to choose a watermelon?

Watermelon contains 88 - 94% water; 9% of easily digestible sugars, such as fructose, glucose and sucrose; vitamins - B1, B2, C, carotene, pantothenic and folic acid, as well as minerals - magnesium, potassium, iron, etc. All these elements have a very beneficial effect on the digestive process in the human body. Watermelon pulp contains delicate dietary fiber, which reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

How to choose dishes for cooking?

Kitchenware is classified according to the material from which it is made, manufacturing techniques, appearance. When buying dishes in the kitchen, first of all you need to know what it is made of, what you can cook in it and how it will affect us. Given the shortcomings of different materials for the manufacture of dishes, you can avoid many troubles.

What do we know about fruits? Known about little known

Avocado. Of all the fruits, this one contains the most protein, although in some Californian varieties more than 80 percent of calories fall into fats. They have a rounded or pear-shaped shape, ranging in size from chicken eggs to giants of several kilograms. Various in color: dark green, crimson, yellow or almost black.

What to eat with excess weight?

To begin with, that is absolutely impossible. From your diet you need to remove sugar, jam, candy, flour products. Also, people with a tendency to corpulence are contraindicated milk with more than 3% fat, sour cream, fatty and melted cheeses, mayonnaise, sausages and everything that is fried. Many people think that banning fat is not eating fat and not smearing bread with butter, this is of course true, but keep in mind that, for example, a glass of sour cream or two wieners contain as much fat as half a pack of butter, and fat vegetable oil 20−30% higher fat content of the same cream.

What are spices for?

Naturally, the wider the range of aromatic plants and spices used, the more acute is the problem of skill and ability to apply them under different conditions - culinary, technical, national, traditional, climatic, etc. Sometimes there are people who complain about the lack of variety products - all the same.

How to use Japanese chopsticks?

There is a huge number of sticks, varying in shape and size. Often they are masterpieces of art. Varnished, decorated with carvings or mother of pearl, with inlays, hashi are collectible. Now the sticks are made of pine, cedar, bamboo, cypress, maple, sandalwood or bone.

What to cook from apples? Hello, Charlotte Ivanovna!

Early varieties of apples in central Russia, such as pear, white filling, ripen around mid-August and are not stored at all. The white filling is a transparent yellowish, the seeds shine slightly in the middle, and from any touch there is a dent on the delicate skin. And pear? Her pink side and sweet-sour taste we remember from childhood.

How to buy good caviar?

Unfortunately, finding normal caviar has become more difficult than “spiced” vodka. It is necessary to choose caviar very carefully, since up to 75% of caviar sold in our country is either of poor quality or counterfeit. As for black caviar - all 96%. Black sturgeon caviar is considered the most valuable: sturgeon, beluga, sturgeon and, of course, sturgeon.

What tea to choose for a healthy diet?

The caffeine content in such a drink is quite high and its excessive consumption can adversely affect your health. Therefore, if you are a fan of healthy eating, it is useful to fill the lack of body fluids with tea with low caffeine content. One of the "useful" types of tea is Kapha tea.

How not to overeat at the festive table?

Of course, it is always pleasant to have fun, to see people, to show oneself, but how to resist the temptations of a generously laid table, which, after abstaining from harmful, but such tasty food, is being asked to mouth? How to keep from salads "mayonnaise", fragrant hot, delicious snacks, dessert with whipped cream or gorgeous chocolate candies?