How to make your hair really beautiful?

For effective hair care, it is important to correctly identify your hair type, as otherwise there is a risk of harm to them. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Hair normal type well reflect light, shimmer in the sun. Oily hair has a characteristic dull shine, after a short time after washing stick together and begin to seem untidy.

How not to get sick? (Part Three)

The fourth rule. At least once a week, try to completely do without food and water - from 18–20 Friday to 12 o'clock on Sunday. This is your merit and peace. If you find it difficult, then hold on for at least a day. Many read about medical fasting, the positive effects of hunger on the diseased human organs.

How to choose the right perfume?

As already known, women are divided into four types: spring, summer, autumn, winter. And each type has its own smells: what is ideal for women of the winter type is extremely undesirable for “spring” women. Do not forget that the perfume - this is the final touch in the work on your own way, and the wrong choice of smell can play a cruel joke with you, negating all your efforts to create your image.

What do you know about the "clock of life"?

It seems to us that when we do not sleep (and even when we sleep too) our body works “to its fullest.” But it is not. Wise nature has created man in such a way as to protect him from premature "wear." After all, any mechanism that works without a break for a long time, wears out quickly and ages.

How to keep a tan?

At first it should be said that tan depends on the physiology of the person, on the individuality of the skin. Some people get a tan faster than others, even if they tan in one place. How long the skin will remain tanned depends on where and how the tan was acquired. For example, the “southern” tan is washed off faster than the tan, which was acquired in the middle lane.

What are braces and should I wear them?

Braces, in the language of an “ordinary person,” are metal or ceramic brackets glued to each tooth with a special solution and tied with a wire, everything is adjusted, tightened and evens the teeth. There are still various options - internal braces that are not visible, transparent, and so on, but these "things" are much more expensive.

How to choose a diet?

Very few people go to nutritionists. Most cost on their own. Fortunately, today there are hundreds of different diets. Each of them promises fast, rapid weight loss. And many of these diets really give a stunning result. But ... do you know at what price these “quick” kilograms are given?

How to care for your hair?

Hair is not only beauty, it is the state of your health and your mood. If they are elastic and shiny, their tips do not split, they look around at you, then everything is in order with your hair. If they sluggishly fall on the shoulders, stick together in fatty strands on the second day after washing the head, then it is immediately clear that you have problems.

How to be treated with sounds?

All that surrounds us is energy in various forms. Energy, in turn, is a wave subjected to the subtlest continuous oscillations. Physicists have proven that atoms really are just vibrations. The structure of atoms is determined by proportions, similar to those on which the principles of musical harmony are based, and therefore they can be regarded as peculiar musical notes.

How to "treat cats"?

If you are exhausted, exhausted (and a chronic lack of positive energy leads to such diseases as heart attack, stroke, hypertension, osteochondrosis, gastritis, peptic ulcer), the cat will “feed” you, return the lost strength. All you have to do is to pick up a tailed girlfriend who has just woken up, well rested, more often.

How not to get sick? (Part Four)

Words setting forth the moral laws contained in these councils seem to be wiped to holes. They sound from the time of the creation of the world to the present day, in different languages, in the commandments of different religions, in the councils of the ancient sages and modern analysts and psychologists. Throughout its history, humanity as a whole and each person individually argues how to properly understand these laws, how to express them correctly, to what extent they can be violated, whether to execute them individually or as a whole, whether it is necessary and who should punish for non-execution further and so on.

How to choose a bath?

True, there are those who do not like baths. But perhaps such people "simply do not know how to cook them" or did not find a bathhouse on their own. And now for all tastes. We always out of habit, we call the baths and the Roman baths, and Finnish saunas, and the Japanese ofuro and Turkish hammam. However, all these “baths” differ significantly between themselves and their buildings, accessories, traditions, as well as an important feature of each is the climate mode.

How to choose the right jeans?

It is important to be able to choose jeans - so that the purchase pleased you, as long as possible. There are several fundamental points - they should pay attention. Cut. The general rule is: sharp straight lines, a wide belt and arrows suitable for slim girls, rounded and soft - plump. In reality, everything is much more complicated: you need to consider the type of figure, the structure of the hips, the length of the legs.

How to survive a pregnancy?

As doctors like to say: “pregnancy is not a disease!” Yes, you walk like a duck - a waddle, but they give you a place on the bus. Stomach prevents to bend down? Then let your Beloved do a foot massage for you. In your position now you need to walk a lot and eat well (add living vitamins to your diet).

How to live without hemorrhoids?

Going to the toilet is, of course, the immediate need of any person, but not constant. Hemorrhoids keep fecal masses during the rest of the body, and during bowel movements they are smoothed out without interfering with the passage of feces. And everything would be fine if it were not for one “but”. Due to excessive straining, the nodes can slide down along with the mucous membrane, and the blood supply has already been broken, hemorrhoidal bumps have increased in size - in a word, hemorrhoids.

How to learn to massage? First lesson

Do you have any idea what benefits you will get from studying massage? I think yes. After all, the benefits of massage are obvious and real. With the help of simple manipulations, you can relieve muscle and nervous tension, reduce pain, restore efficiency, relax or tone up the body. In addition, you benefit not only yourself, but also the people around you.

What to do with back pain?

But, as you know, the spine is a system capable of self-healing, and all orthopedic specialists are unanimous in the opinion that back pain is easy to overcome by stretching and relaxing the spine. Therefore, if you feel discomfort in the neck or lower back, do not wait until you “twist”, and use, for example, the advice of the famous American physiotherapist, nutritionist and real health expert Paul Bragg.

How to remove bruises and bags around the eyes?

If your eyelids are red or irritated, make lotions from strong tea or infusion of chamomile, thyme, linden, dill, parsley and elderberry (1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water). You can make lotions from the infusion of chamomile, dill and mint (equal portions), soak the cotton tampons in the infusion and put it on your eyes for 20 minutes.

How to shave a straight razor?

In general, shaving can be divided into two main groups. The so-called dry shave and, accordingly, wet or wet, as you like. That is, the need to moisturize the shaving part of the body in each case affects this classification. Dry shaving is nothing but the removal of bristles using electric, mechanical or electro-mechanical razors.

How and why to make "flint" water?

Of course, you can replenish the content of silicon in the body with the help of vitamins purchased at the pharmacy. But we must not forget that nature, and completely free, can help us in this. Just look at your feet. Moreover, in the literal sense. I mean - to look for stones that can help us strengthen the body with this useful substance - silicon.