How to say compliments or compliment - the path to success

Compliments are such things that help to find contact with people and establish good relations with them, which means they are important. And also enjoyable! Of course, if this is a skillful compliment, to the place and most importantly - sincerely. In developed countries, where business has long ceased to lock up on shuttle trips to Turkey and create fraudulent joint-stock companies, business communication is a philosophical discipline, with a good mix of psychology.

How to conquer a woman, even if she is a teacher

In general, what would you know, there are three reliable ways to conquer the female heart. A lady should: a) laugh; b) to touch; c) surprise. But, of course, you should not use all three tools at once. After all, women are what they are? They are different. Therefore, we are making a revolutionary conclusion - a different approach is needed for different women.

What is a virtual flirt?

Of course, he would hardly have coped with it in the old days, but today the Internet comes to his aid. It only remains to follow the carefully developed by the professionals the way of thinking and action. Actually, almost nothing will be done. The most difficult thing is to find a photo. Own, however, is no good.

How to flirt?

Well, for example, these: A significant and at the same time, like a passing glance, always reaches the goal. The point is to meet with the "object" eyes and ... turn away blinded by her (his) beauty. After a few seconds, you need to look at her again, saying “I can’t do anything with myself ...” We walk further.

How to behave in a bus, or transport etiquette

At first glance - easier than ever - a man comes out first and gives the lady a hand so that she has something to rely on and inadvertently not lose balance. Let the summer outside and not at all slippery. Let the gentleman of the most subtle appearance, and his companion could easily lift the barbell. Etiquette is etiquette.

How to meet on the street, or Girl, girl, and what is your name?

The first is called the concept of places. For the success of the venture, one of the main factors affecting the successful outcome of the enterprise is the right place. So, the most successful place will be where people do not have a specific task, have free time and are slightly boring. These are squares, parks, boulevards, beaches, coffee shops, clubs, etc.

How to excite a partner, or our grandmothers Aphrodisiacs

For example, alcohol in moderation increases libido (by removing the brakes - that is, social prohibitions). A similar magic effect can be achieved, as the people claim, with the help of many other useful drugs. Honey, parsley, celery, walnuts and even garlic have long been considered aphrodisiacs (means of stimulating attraction).

How to meet a girl or hunt for skirts

Not bad for a start to dress up and put yourself in order. The fact is that not all girls like sticky pants, unpleasant smell of stale socks and fumes. Therefore, try to start to take a shower and use cologne (if he still hasn't been drunk by colleagues or home). Consider that a man in a well-ironed suit from Armani or, at worst, Versachi makes a favorable impression on the ladies.

How to start a service romance?

By the way, I must say that if you follow all the precautions, then in addition to the obvious results, this novel also unusually tones and increases efficiency. At least, sociologists and psychologists say this in one voice. And here are some of the above precautions. So, if you are twisted romance with the boss, do not move away from the team.

How to get to know each other, or there are no trifles when meeting people!

Another, no less effective method of positive invasion into the personal space of another person is called “caring touch”. It is very simple. Walking along the street, under the specious excuse, begin to cross the road with your interlocutor. In this case, the object should be on the left, so that the girl, looking at you, would look to the right and not see the cars driving on the left.

How to meet a good girlfriend using the Internet?

So: "Girl pripevochka." External signs of this type: the abundance of spelling errors is organically combined with the habit of not appending words. These flaws make up for a painful addiction to capital letters and exclamation marks. She is sure that the classic of cinema is “Titanic”, and the musical classic is Philip Kirkorov.

How to find a groom, or Already married unbearable

And the academy, in turn, asserts: there is no more suitable place for dating than a supermarket. Today, we will advise young ladies who wish to find a secure and independent husband. Just need to know a few subtleties to prevent annoying mistakes that can forever turn away from this wonderful place.

What are the signs of betrayal of his wife?

We will hardly speak about such nonsense as late arrivals home, vague explanations and irritation in response to the most innocent questions. Just a small example: “Sorry for being late - I went shopping.” - “And what was you looking for?” - “You are always interrogating me !!!”. So, we will not talk about such nuances, because these are not even nuances, but just some + obvious-probable.

How to care beautiful?

Women crave attention and need "love." And they need, above all, in love sentimental, romantic, tearful. Why this is so, and not otherwise - is unknown. The question arises: where do we get the salutary "romantic nonsense"? The times are now not t. E. We are all brought up in a completely different style.

What books do girls like?

Let us try once again to take advantage of this circumstance and thus arrange these magical details in our dwelling so that they are guaranteed to fit in the head of the lady who has come to us in the right phrase that characterizes us from the best side. Today, with such detail FIVE GREAT BOOKS ON YOUR BOOK SHELF.