Where to work in the summer?

The very first thing to do is to buy a newspaper that contains ads from all employers in your city. As a rule, they are called the same - “Work and Education”, “Engorod Business” and so on. Now we have to choose a job. Caretakers Get a job in this profession is not difficult.

How to succeed?

Our parents have long ago explained to us what success is. This is how it looks from the point of view of our caring mothers and fathers: finish school with a gold medal; to enter the institute at the Faculty of Economics and graduate with a red diploma; to marry the son of her mother's friend - respectable Vasya with a car, cottage, apartment; get a job in an office near home; give a birth to a baby.

How to save time and money?

Who, if not the Germans, know the price of punctuality! It is not surprising that the Institute for Time Use Strategy was created in Germany. Its leader, Lothar Seavert, formulated ten golden rules that will help you achieve success in any business. Combine tasks of similar nature into work blocks.

How to make a resume?

It is considered that all resumes are uniform. This is not true. First, it is necessary to clearly formulate the goal. Find a job ... what? For a full day or “part-time job”? What kind of posts can these be? What are the terms of reference? What would an employer ideally want from a specialist in this position? Double the sale?

How to find the perfect job? Notes from personal experience

Of course, the surest way to find a good job is to settle down “through an acquaintance”. Only in this case you will have to bear responsibility not only to yourself and your employer, but also to those who recommended you. And not everyone has such acquaintances. Below we consider several techniques that, combined with luck, will help you make the right choice.

Money, earnings, career - are they worth the freedom?

It is worth the sacrifice. And what are the victims here? So-so. Somewhere did not protest, somewhere he was silent, somewhere "bent". Just think - small things. I make a reservation right away. I call only the most frequent methods used for career growth, this does not mean that there is no such growth due to other reasons - rabid diligence, talent, ambition, greed, chance ... I am talking about the factors undoubtedly contributing to this growth.

How to quit right? Do not let yourself get ahead!

Never, under any circumstances, give the boss any reason to think that you can leave the company because of disagreement with the actions of the management. Whatever happens around you, whatever unfair actions towards you or your colleagues are not taken by your boss, never allow yourself to frighten him that you will quit.

How to create an image of a gentleman

So, let us repeat, the main and basic rule of a “noble” person is an excellent appearance. First of all, the costume should be designed in a classic style, without bright textures and special luxury. For everyday wear should choose a strict elegant suit. Color also should not be catchy. Another thing - the publication.

Why do we go to unloved work?

1. I will not find another place. Are you sure about this? What did you do to search this other place? Already tried? And how many attempts have you made? Fear of being unemployed is understandable. But you can't torture yourself either. Read newspapers under the heading "Wanted", talk with friends, learn the labor market.

What should be the head? Part one.

Many managers are so deeply immersed in dry reports and in various kinds of paperwork products of their employees, that behind this pile of papers they do not notice the main thing - the psychological microclimate in the team. Meanwhile, interpersonal relationships are the foundation of the well-being of any organization.

Can I find a job on the ads?

With a certain amount of luck, it is possible to find a job by advertising in newspapers or on the Internet - and there are precedents. Of course, you don’t need to rely only on it, but if you already have a salary, then why not send out a couple of your stunningly prepared resumes and peacefully wait for mercy from nature? The range of vacancies will not say that it is very wide, but also not so hopeless.

How to learn to lead?

You wanted it for so long, did not sleep, thought, worried that when you were informed of the news, then apart from joy and pride in yourself, such a good fellow, you could not experience anything else. And this is right - each person should feel in his life the feeling of flying from the fact that the goal has been achieved, to raise, so to speak, his self-esteem.

How to do what you do not want?

Swiss cheese method When I had to write a term paper, I did not know what to grab. Of course, I chose the topic, but it didn’t go further - writing a term paper seemed to me simply impossible. Therefore, I decided to use the "Swiss cheese method", that is, to "gnaw the pieces" of a complex business.

How to improve your own performance?

Imagine a situation where everyone around you is noisy and running, swearing and screaming. To work in such an environment, none of us would like to. The sound factor, by the way, is the most important in the working environment and the improvement of his condition should be in the list of priorities in the first place. How can this be done? The simplest way is ear plugs.

How to achieve financial success?

It is quite obvious that money is just symbols of our social strength. Psychologically, any financial means equal to food reserves, nothing more. At least, this is how our distant ancestors perceived them. Let us now draw an analogy with the methods of food extraction. We know only two such technologies, as they say now.

How not to fail the exam?

So, dear student, there are two weeks left: 1. Divide the number of tickets by the number of days before the exam. It's like fitness - even if it's only an hour, but every day. Everything is strictly according to the system. It does not matter that for a whole year you abandoned Vanka selflessly - at least now live strictly according to plan, and then in the last three days a hysterics won't happen to you, from which only a good fairy, the patroness of idlers, can withdraw.

What is coaching?

Agree that sometimes a big barrel of honey in our life is diluted with a spoon, and sometimes with a whole bucket of tar. In such cases, it seems that we have rested our hands on the wall, and our head - on the ceiling, in despair we run for advice to relatives, friends and acquaintances; those who listened to us attentively, sincerely or with mischief in their souls will sympathize with them, and maybe even give “valuable” advice.